What Age To Start Potty Training

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A potty-trained child remains free from rashes as well as any viral or bacterial infections associated with diapers. Also, it makes parents somewhat secure and flexible when it comes to going out with kids.

Many parents consider early training can lead to personality disorders and behavioral problems. Whereas, some studies reveal that early potting training may be beneficial for some kids as it not only avoids diaper-related problems, but also reduces the chances of recurrent urinary tract infections in the future.

To be potty trained, it is necessary for a child to recognize the need to use the toilet, wait for getting a toilet, remove his or her pants as well as sit long enough to get done with it.

These tasks depend entirely on the physical, emotional and physiological developments of the child that normally emerge in about 18 to 24 months.

Physical Readiness

Usually, if your expectations regarding the performance of your child are realistic and no abuse is involved, then there is no harm in starting the training before one and half years of age.

However, according to child development experts, it is best to detain toilet training until the child is prepared to handle the process themselves to maximum extent.

It is mostly unlikely for children below the age of 12 months to be ready when it comes to bowel or bladder control. Additionally, they do not possess the physical abilities needed to remove their clothing or reach to the potty in time.

Emotional Readiness

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Emotional readiness constitutes of several factors including a positive attitude for the training, the will to use a potty as well as being capable of handling any fears related to the bathroom.

All these may arise or vanish with the growth of your child, but generally they do not develop until the age of 2-3, or even 4 in some children.

This is the age when they can learn through instructions as well as can express their fears. Also, through the toddler years to 3 years, children experience a steady increase in social awareness motivating them to use the bathroom just like their family members or schoolmates.

Judging The Right Age For Your Child

Every child may reach the different spheres of development at different times. As parents, you are the best one to know when your child gains the social, physical, emotional and cognitive abilities required for potty training.

Some kids can learn using the potty very easily when they are quite young as that’s a time for high learning motivation.

But, medical experts explain that the process of potty training may be quicker and easier if you wait for a little longer before starting the training, as the child becomes more capable of doing things on their own with increasing age.

It is advised not to assume that your child will start with the training at a specific age as the variations in the development of a child are usually quite unpredictable.

Instead, look for the signs of readiness in your child and start the training only when you make sure that your child is capable of beginning with the same, no matter what their age is.

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